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App TurnMeYorn is a Vodafone internal app, for the youth segment, Yorn.

I was invited to help design a quick project for a Vodafone internal pitch. Which ended up turning into a real solution.

It is an app to support Yorn promoters when closing deal with a costumer.

Worked as UI/UX Designer in an Agile development team.



UI/UX Design


App Design




Design System


UI Animation [Lottie]

Quick Pitch Idea


I was approached by 2 Vodafone colleagues with a well planned user journey, that they did for a Vodafone Internal pitch, and they needed help to design it.

I quickly ideated and prototyped a set of screens, that would follow the perfect journey.

We won 🙂



Mindmaps are the best way to preview complex flows.

Here you can see 2 isolated paths from the whole journey. Login and Vodafone Sim Paths.




Design System & Prototyping


Yorn already had some solid brand guidelines, but the truth is that graphic guidelines were not enough to design this app. 

I decided to go for google material design, since we would be shipping this app only for android phones.

With that said I started creating the first visual design of the app and a few prototypes.

With time the design system evolved.

Which made the overall app visually better and easier to navigate.

UI Animation [Lottie]


In the end of the project I felt some lack of “reaction” from the app. With that in mind I animated the 3 icons that conclude actions. 

Icons Design by @FullSix

Motion Design by me


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